The Satyrs Motorcycle Club of Los Angeles, against all odds during the height of McCarthyism, formed in 1954. Seven former military men, who shared the common interest in motorcycles and leather formed the oldest continuously running gay organization in the world.

This blog is about the stories of our community, our shared history, shared interests and the bonds that tie us together. The world is very different today than in the days these brave men who forged the paths at a time when being “outed” meant you could lose everything. The roads they traveled to pave our freedoms were born from the men who dared to risk it all. The fought for their true identity, the commonality and found the passion to bond our communities together.

It is through their eyes that we are able to witness our leather/motorcycle community history. Lucky for us and the world, that these men photographed, recorded and archived their kink and kinship to the community they created for us to discover for decades to come. It is likely the largest single collection of archives for any organization dating back to the very first meeting to exist.

But this blog is separate from the actual archives of the club and serves to link current news, discussions and community topics with that of the archives. We can learn a lot from the past, whether to bond us as a community or to ensure the roads ahead are traveled smoothly with the lessons of the past. This blog is here to provoke thought, discussion and introspection. It was a long road forward to get to here…


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